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All our charges are for standard labour only.This excludes any cost for the spares used. Parts will only be ordered and fitted once agreed between the customer and engineer. If our customers wants us to install new appliances that can also be arranged.We are capable of installing both freestanding and built-in appliance for a fraction off retail prices.

Free Standing ApplicationsPrice
Washing Machine£45.00
Washer & Dryer £50.00
Miele Washing Machine£60.00
Miele Dishwasher£60.00
Gas Range Cookers£75.00
Gas Cookers£70.00
Fridge Freezers-Regas£80.00
Fridge Freezers£55.00
Electric Oven Single£55.00
Electric Oven Double£55.00
Electric Cooker£55.00

Integrated Applicances        Price
Washing Machine£55.00
Fridge Freezer£65.00
Miele Washing Machine£70.00
Miele Dishwasher£70.00
Electric / Power Showers£40.00
Cooker Hoods£45.00

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